No. 3 College Recruit Overall Williams Nwaneri Turns Down Georgia For Another SEC School

Georgia football helmet

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The 2024 recruiting class for college football is making their commitments and it sounds like the No. 3 recruit overall Williams Nwaneri has made his decision.

Although he’s a beast of a defensive lineman and it would make sense for him to play for the Georgia Bulldogs, Nwaneri opted to pick the Missouri Tigers instead.

According to 247 Sports, one the nations top recruits opted to remain in his home state and play for the Tigers. Although that’s the case, it’s a shocking decision considering many believed Williams Nwaneri was going to pick Georgia.

You’d think Georgia would be a perfect fit for him considering he’s the top ranked defensive lineman recruit in the nation. The Bulldogs are known for having an incredibly strong defense and he would have fit right into that culture.

Another program who was reportedly in the running was the Oklahoma Sooners. In fact, some fans were overly confident he’d commit to Sooner Nation.

For example, one fan essentially guaranteed Nwameri would commit to Oklahoma. He was so confident that he made a promise on a message board he probably regrets posting now.

The fan stated, “And we are landing Nwaneri. Book it. Bet your b**** and d*** on it. If it doesn’t happen I will delete my account and pay for @Grimlock anime p*** budget for a year. That’s how good this source is.”

As it turns out, his source was not great at all.

Despite that, 247 reports that Missouri hung around and spoke to Nwaneri often. Here’s what he had to say about choosing the Tigers over the Bulldogs.

“They got to do it first but I feel like the program is in a good direction. I like the coaching staff, Coach (Kevin) Peoples, Coach (Al) Davis and Coach Drink. All those guys. I have a good relationship with the coaching staff and also some of the players on the team.”

Nwaneri’s high school head coach, Jamar Mozee, also shows full support of his decision. Mozee explains why he believes Missouri ended up winning over Williams Nwaneri, per 247 Sports.

“Communication, the amount of times he’s been on campus, what they’ve done NIL wise, they really catered to him and formed that relationship. His position coach, Coach Peoples, he got real tight with Coach Drink, they’re on the phone often and forming that relationship. I think that was something important to Williams.”

Between the constant communication and being close to home, it makes sense why Williams Nwaneri chose to play for Missouri over Georgia.