Florida State’s AD Says That If Willie Taggart ‘Was Hit By A Bus Tomorrow’ The ‘Noles Wouldn’t Target Urban Meyer

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Getty Image / Meg Oliphant

Willie Taggart’s first season and a half at Florida State has not gone well. The Seminoles went 5-7 last season and things haven’t looked any better this year as they sit at 3-4 on the year.

Things in Tallahassee are rough and Taggart has been put on the hot seat, at least by the majority of Florida State fans.

Rumors around Taggart’s future and the future of the football program have been flying for, well, since last season and FSU’s athletic director David Coburn decided to address each and every one of them in an interesting interview with the Tallahassee Democrat.

Footballscoop.com reported earlier this week reported that Urban Meyer was the primary target if Taggart was fired, which is where this rumor originated. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s not a certainty that Meyer is even open to returning to the sideline.

Regardless of whether or not Meyer would even accept the job at Florida State, Coburn shut down that rumor in a big, big way.

“If Coach were hit by a bus tomorrow, we would not target Coach Meyer, period,” Coburn said. “I say that with all due respect to Coach Meyer, but we would not target Steve Spurrier either.”

I mean, Coburn could have just said ‘no, we’re not looking at Meyer,’ but he took things a lot further bringing the imagery of Taggart getting hit by a bus into the picture. Then again, it’s sort of refreshing to see a higher-up at a university speak his mind.

As for the Spurrier comment, that’s likely a response at Spurrier taking a jab at FSU and Taggart as a coach.

Florida State could definitely do worse than hiring Meyer if that situation did come about, but apparently, if its current head coach was hit by a bus they wouldn’t even give him a call.

If Meyer does eventually return to coaching, it will obviously be at a big-time pro and USC has been the rumored landing spot if that job comes available.

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