New Details About The Matt Barnes-Derek Fisher Brawl Came Out And Here’s How Witnesses Said It Went Down



For all those who Internetted yesterday—look, dudes, I made up a word—there’s a good chance you heard the news about Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes attacking New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher when he found out Fish was at Barnes’ ex-wife’s house.

Even crazier, Barnes drove 95 miles to fight the guy.

While Fish may have dipped his Fish stick into Barnes’ estranged wife, Gloria Govan, witnesses described that the head coach got a face full of fist, according to TMZ Sports, which resulted in a full-blown fight that left both guys bloody.

The melee was, reportedly, broken up after one of Barnes’ kids talked his or her dad down from doing even more damage with his fisticuffs, with another witness saying that Fisher, “was holding his own,” during the entire brawl.

Addressing the situation at practice today, here’s what Barnes had to say:

And, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, the whole reason Barnes went to Govan’s house in the first place is because he picked up hints that something was up while FaceTiming with his six-year-old son, Carter:


Damn, Fish, doing the dirty with your ex-teammate’s wife AND using his son’s bedroom as the hot spot? That’s pretty low.

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