Anonymous Woman Details Graphic Incident Claiming Patrick Kane Sexually Assaulted Her In Bar Bathroom In 2014


Debby Wong -- Shutterstock

Three days ago, a woman on Live Journal wrote an entry claiming that in November 2014, Patrick Kane sexually assaulted her in a bar bathroom in Los Angeles.

The Blackhawks were in town to play the Kings on November 29th, 2014 and after that game, she says Kane and several Blackhawk players went to a bar downtown.

There, she says Kane would not leave her alone, grabbing and groping her. Later in the night, she claims Kane followed her into the bathroom, where he sexually assaulted her.

We’re uncertain where this story originated. Right now, it’s only on Imgur, although the screen shots of the entry say it was posted to LiveJournal on January 18.

It was initially picked up today by several hockey bloggers.

Here is the woman’s story. Be forewarned, it is graphic.










Patrick Kane was investigated by police before the 2015 season began, after being accused of rape, but charges against him were not brought.

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