The Worst Bet Of The 2023 NFL Season Has Already Been Made More Than 6 Months Before The Season Starts

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Getty Image / John Tlumacki

Football fans won’t see another NFL regular season game for more than 6 months.

That doesn’t mean we won’t seem some atrocious bets on the league over the next few months.

We’ll surely see some bets roll in on some major long shots to win the Super Bowl, but none of those will come close to as bad as the bet that was placed this week on the 2023 NFL MVP award.

Some misguided soul decided to throw away $2 on Kenny Golladay to be the next NFL MVP at +100000 odds.

This is a pretty terrible way to throw away 2 bucks. I honestly can’t even believe this is something a sportsbook is offering right now.

Kenny Golladay has been one of the worst signings in recent memory since joining the New York Giants.

After Golladay missed most of the 2020 season for the Detroit Lions, the Giants went ahead and handed him a 4-year contract worth $72 million, making him one of the NFL’s highest-paid receivers.

Even now, he makes the 18th most per year at the position.

The return on investment has been laughable. In two years with the Giants, he has made 43 catches for 602 yards and a single touchdown. The Giants have offensive linemen who have made as many touchdown catches in that timeframe.

The only reason he is still on the roster is because his contract wasn’t cuttable in 2023. He is buried on the Giants’ depth chart and they might even consider taking a $14.7 million dead cap hit for next season just to get rid of him.

A little bit of playing around at the sportsbook would tell you that right now, you could parlay the New York Giants, Boston Bruins, and Phoenix Suns all to win titles and get odds of +123668.

That sounds like a much better investment than spending $2 expecting Kenny Golladay to be productive in 2023.