WWE Announcer Michael Cole Is Absolutely Ripped — Here’s How He Ended Up Looking Better Than The Guys In The Ring

It’s not obvious since the guy is constantly in a suit, and usually only on camera from the torso up, but WWE announcer Michael Cole is absolutely ripped. I know, right? Who knew? Maggle is shredded!

Here are his brag stats: he started at 226 pounds with 29.9 percent body fat and 11 months later he weighs 169 pounds with 6.5 percent body fat. He dropped 65 pounds in less than a year.

The voice of WWE TV talked to WWE.com about his body transformation and credited his trainer Jessie Marines and, frankly, just basic common sense.

[Jesse] put together a basic program for me to begin with where I was doing cardio two to three times a week and doing weight training with him two to three times a week. He gave me a simple diet to follow and since my diet was so awful, it was pretty easy.

I was eating a lot of carbs; a bagel for breakfast, a sandwich on a hard roll with potato chips for lunch and at dinner, I’d eat potatoes with whatever else I was eating. Another big thing for me was that I enjoyed drinking beer. I was a big beer drinker and those are very empty calories. I haven’t had a drink since we started this program almost a year ago.

Jesse’s program really isn’t dieting. It’s increasing meals to eating six times a day every three hours and three of those meals are protein shakes. The other three meals are something like a chicken breast, a green vegetable and rice or yams for carbohydrates. Sometimes, I’ll eat egg whites and turkey bacon. We just wanted to make sure that I ate six times a day to jump start my metabolism. You have to eat to lose weight.

It’s so simple yet so many people have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to live a healthy life.

Cole explains the moment he realized he needed to get his ass into shape and it wasn’t thanks to staring at jacked wrestlers all day.

It was the perfect storm. All factors came together at once last October; getting older, being on television on a weekly basis, my metabolism slowing down, being unhappy when I looked at myself in the mirror and my energy wasn’t what it used to be.

I was climbing mountains, and the big mountain that we tried to climb was Grand Teton in Wyoming. We got snowed off the mountain at 12,500 feet and even if we didn’t get snowed off, I knew inside that I wasn’t going to be able to finish the climb. I knew I wasn’t in shape to do it. All of those things combined made me realize that I needed to make some life changes.

Good job, Maggle. The only thing lower than his body fat is Raw’s ratings HEYOOOOOO.

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