WWE Rumors & Reaction: John Cena Dealing With Serious Injuries, Current Status In Doubt

The WWE rumors and reactions post today will dive into the actual beating John Cena might have taken at the hands of Brock Lesnar, the November shows in the UK advertising injured wrestlers, Batista’s return to the WWE being in doubt and a former WWE champion still bucking for a return but getting zero interest from WWE brass.

Let’s discuss, dissect and completely overanalyze today’s WWE rumors.

WWE Rumors & Reactions for August 27th

WWE RUMORS: John Cena’s mounting injuries a concern

According to Pro Wrestling Insider, John Cena is suffering from nagging shoulder issues and now the former WWE champion is getting treatment for his neck. The shoulder stiffness is nothing new, insider talk is speculating he’s been working despite the issues for the last few months, but the mounting physical damage to his body must be monitored closely.

Sources within the WWE are also commenting in private that Cena appears to be in more pain than he’s admitting to the staff and that it’s apparent because Cena “has slowed down” both in and out of the ring.

REACTION: Whether you like Cena or not — and judging by your comments on the website and Facebook, most of you aren’t card carrying members of the Cenation — his work ethic is to be commended. If only he didn’t brag about it so much in promos, but anyway, the guy puts his body on the line day after day, week after week, and it’s starting to show on his 37-year-old frame.

The WWE will probably monitor the situation extremely close and his health will have a huge impact on future programs. Think back to management’s hesitance to put a belt on Dolph Ziggler because of his history of concussions. Dolph is finally wearing Intercontinental gold but I’m sure there is a plan B should Ziggler take a shot to the head that puts him out of action. In the last few months, Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett had to vacate titles due to injury. Those are two major stars and big names on WWE programming.

The WWE can ill-afford Cena winning the belt, only to give it back due to injury, or to lose Cena completely.

WWE RUMORS: Bad News Barrett advertised for November tour of Europe

A couple days ago, I mentioned that Daniel Bryan’s name is being plastered all over the ads for the upcoming European tour, even though Bryan is very long way from returning to the ring. It appears as though former Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett is being advertised for WWE’s tour of Europe in November. Barrett is scheduled to be cleared to wrestle in December but WWE officials are hoping for a November return so Barrett can wrestle on the tour.

REACTION: Just like the Cena news above, the WWE might want to pay close attention to injuries. I completely understand that the company wants a hometown boy like Bad New Barrett on the European tour but I just hope they don’t rush him back too early. If they want to use him much the way WWE rumors are saying they’ll use Bryan — in ring mic work and fan promotional work but no wrestling — I’m all for that idea.

Bad News Barrett is a bright star and a fresh heel that the WWE main event scene sorely lacks right now.

WWE RUMORS: Batista Return to WWE Might Not Happen

Guardians of the Galaxy was huge. Bigger than expectations, really, though expectations were pretty high. The entire cast is probably in high demand (even the raccoon) so it should come as no shock that Batista is getting insane offers to star in other major movies.

REACTION: The original plan was for Batista to reemerge around Summerslam but he’s yet to make his WWE return. He’s expressed an interest to return, even though he wasn’t happen with his last run, and the guy is an even more marketable name now that Guardians is a worldwide smash.

A part-time status with the company isn’t out of the question, especially if Batista’s Hollywood star continues to rise. I’m almost positive we haven’t seen the last of The Animal in a WWE ring.

WWE RUMORS: Kurt Angle just won’t take no for an answer

Kurt Angle keeps knocking on the door. Vince and Triple H keep saying “hang on, we’re in the shower, just sit tight” which isn’t a “no” to an Angle return to the WWE. But it’s not looking good with every month that passes. Oh, wait, it’s now a solid “no”.

Angle was turned down by both Vince, and Triple H, and all talks of an Angle return are dead. Vince wasn’t interested in bringing the former Olympic champion back and passed off the problem to Triple H. Triple H also said everything but no to the former TNA heavyweight champion, which didn’t sit well with Angle, who went back to Vince one more time. Not smart.

REACTION: While the idea of an Angle surprise appearance during a Rusev promo does get me kind of excited, I understand the WWE’s decision on Angle. Angle has a history of substance abuse issues, though now he claims he’s long sober, but it really doesn’t pay to take a chance.

Maybe WWE is actually learning something from all of the WCW Nitro shows airing on the WWE network? The nail in the coffin of WCW was Eric Bischoff signing ex-WWE stars to bloated contracts and getting zero return on the investment. The WWE has a strong developmental plan in NXT and keeps making smart independent signings. No need to toss money at former stars they created who are suddenly being cast out of TNA.

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