WWE Star Wants To Fight Justin Bieber, And For The First Time Ever, We’re Siding With The Biebs

Justin Bieber Boxing


Look, we’d all like to punch Justin Bieber in the soup coolers, but we’re all just regular people and not trained athletes. It would be a slightly fair fight until Bieber security pounces and you’re sitting in traction in some hospital room for a couple months. In other words, it’s not worth the momentary rush of getting to pop the Biebs in his baby, baby, baby face.

In a recent interview while overseas in Dubai, WWE United States Champion Sheamus was asked which celebrity he’d like to face in the ring. Sheamus took little time to name-drop Bieber and that time he gave him an award (for who knows what reason) and how the picture still haunts him to this day. Sheamus wants to take on Bieber in the ring because “he’s a 4’2 Muppet who needs to be taken down.”

Hot take, Sheamus, wanting to get in the ring with the second coming of the Polio in human form. I, for one, would like to see that match happen. The worst case scenario is you beat the snot out of a guy half your size. The best case scenario is Bieber gets in a David and Goliath type blast that knocks you out for a month. Honestly, I’d prefer the latter.

No offense, fella.

H/T Wrestling Inc.