Wyoming Little Leaguer Goes Viral For Crushing A Home Run While Wearing Work Gloves

Wyoming Little Leaguer Goes Viral For Homering With Work Gloves

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The Little League World Series always provides us with a ton of viral moments. The kids mention their favorite players, favorite actors, and things of that nature. On the field, it is quite amazing to see young kids make unbelievable plays like we have seen time and time again.

This time, it was a home run by a Wyoming Little Leaguer. The difference? He was rocking some sweet work gloves.

Aidan Jeffress absolutely crushed this pitch with ease and wasn’t even wearing batting gloves. Nope, these are work gloves.

Of course, this kid went viral right away for rocking these gloves while batting, and there are too many golden moments to just let this one go by.



Wyoming was down 3-2 to Utah before Jeffress came to bat. He smacked a two-run home run to give Wyoming the lead, and these work gloves have been his usual strategy for some time, it looks like.

Maybe other Little Leaguers from Wyoming decide to rock the work/cattle gloves and see if they have success.


Let’s hope that Aidan Jeffress can make it big in the world of baseball and we can all look back on this clip a few years from now with a bright smile on our faces.