Cam Newton Gets Recruited To Join XFL Team Amid NFL Comeback

Cam Newton

Getty Image / Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football

Cam Newton recently announced he’s attempting to make another comeback to the NFL after participating at Auburn’s Pro Day.

For now, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in the veteran quarterback, but it’s still early in the offseason.

However, perhaps another league makes sense for Newton at this point in his career, as one player from the XFL is recruiting the former NFL MVP to join his team.

Marquette King, a former punter in the NFL and current punter for the Arlington Renegades, reached out to Cam Newton to play the final four games of the season.

Newton has yet to respond. Based on his latest comments, claiming “ain’t 32 better than me,” it’s hard to imagine Cam Newton taking up King’s offer.

Even so, joining an XFL team for four games might not be a bad idea. He’d have the opportunity to showcase what he can do in games.

Albeit, the talent level isn’t the same but NFL scouts could get a better feel for Cam Newton’s abilities.

Additionally, it sounds like most football fans would like to see Newton play a few games in the XFL.

Newton could really prove how good he is playing in four XFL games.

Renegade fans love the idea of Cam Newton playing for them in the final stretch of the season.

Newton seems to have his eyes set on the NFL. But maybe he should take up Marquette King’s offer.