Rays Star Yandy Diaz Forced Out Of Game With Painful Injury No Man Wants To Experience

Yandy Diaz

Getty Image / David Berding

Playing sports always come with an inherent risk of injury. And, for Tampa Bay Rays slugger Yandy Diaz, that risk turned into a nightmare when he suffered a painful testicular contusion in Tuesday night’s 3-2 loss to the Minnesota Twins.

Yandy Diaz has been one of the best hitters in baseball this year, batting .323, second in the American League. He’s hit for power, too, as he’s socked 20 home runs and driven in 71 runs to go along with 30 doubles.

But, the moment he may remember the most from this season is the unfortunate injury he suffered last night. Diaz was up to bat in the fifth inning with the Rays leading 2-1, before disaster struck. Take a look.

Oh no. That looks terrible. And, it was self-inflicted! I’m sure he wishes he would’ve laid off that pitch. He had to be pulled from the game, naturally.

Yandy Diaz is far from the first pro athlete to suffer a testicular contusion while playing sports. Baseball players like Felix Pie, Adrian Beltre, and Carl Crawford have all had similar injuries. And, former Spurs star Manu Ginobili also suffered an injury so severe that he was sidelined for four weeks following surgery to save the testicle.

Not to worry Rays fans, Diaz is expected back in the lineup in Wednesday’s game.

Garrett Carr
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