Yankees Fans Organize ‘Fire Brian Cashman Day’ As Team Falls Apart

Yankees Fans

Getty Image / Al Bello

Start spreadin’ the news, the New York Yankees stink. And, many of the team’s fans are blaming Brian Cashman.

Cashman has been with the franchise since he graduated from college back in 1986, and has been a part of some great years. But, when you dig deeper, his resume isn’t all that great.

Yes, statistically, he’s been the general manager for four World Series championships and six World Series appearances. But, three of those titles and five of the experiences were largely based on the team that his predecessors Gene Michael and Bob Watson put together. The core of Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada etc., was already part of the organization when he became the general manager in 1998.

They won the World Series in 2009, but they outspent the league tremendously that year in free agency in order to get a final ring for the late owner George Steinbrenner and to christen the new Yankee Stadium with a title. The franchise, despite spending significantly more than any team in baseball since, has not been back to the World Series.

And, this year is a downright disaster. After the team was embarrassingly swept in last year’s ALCS by their bugaboo, the Houston Astros, Brian Cashman did little to improve the lineup. It’s shown. The team is 29th in batting average, 22nd in OPS, and 23rd in runs scored. The pitching, which held up the first few months of the season, has been dreadful lately, too.

Since the team went to 48-38 with a win over the Orioles on Independence Day, they’re a putrid 12-25, a 53-109 pace. Currently, they’ve lost seven in a row, and have been blown out by the rival Red Sox on back-to-back days in Yankee Stadium. They’re eight games out of a playoff spot, and their odds on Fangraphs of making the playoffs are now under one percent.

And, fans are fired up. Some are even planning a “Fire Brian Cashman Day”. Here is the New York Post with more.

Ticked-off Bronx Bombers superfan Jon Borowski has had enough of the team’s freefall — on pace for its worst season since 1992 — and is rallying the “hardcore fans” on social media to oust the team’s embattled general manager Brian Cashman.

“It’s been in the back of my mind for a while,” Borowski told The Post, noting he decided to step to the plate and plan the protest when Cashman did virtually nothing to improve the floundering last-place club at the Aug. 1 trade deadline.

The clarion call is for ticket holders in Sections 202-204 — the right-field bleachers — to lead the Bronx jeers.

Fed-up Yankee fan Jon Borowski is the driving force behind “Fire Cashman” night at the Stadium.
Courtesy of Jon Borowski
“Bring your Fire Cashman signs, shirts, paper bags, voice! All game long, we make our voices heard!” Borowski wrote in a post on X, already collecting more than 700,000 views.

The Jersey City native, who attends up to 10 games a year, will be sitting amongst the raucous Bleacher Creatures, known for their clever chants and Yankee player roll calls.

“Those are the hardcore fans. Not the tourists, not the casuals,” he said. Borowski is urging all attendees to don a “Fire Cashman” T-shirt sold outside the Stadium by former Bleacher Creature “Bald Vinny” Milano. “It’s nothing personal, just business,” the custom-printed sports apparel company entrepreneur said.

Earlier this month, Borowski caught grief from Yankee Stadium security for toting his “Fire Cashman” sign during the game.

“I want to create a dialogue. We need to show our fanbase that this guy Brian Cashman has run his course. And it’s time for a change,” Borowski said.

I think he will have no problem getting people to participate.