New York Yankees Fans Are Furious About Brian Cashman’s Extension

New York Yankees Fans Are Furious About Brian Cashman's Extension

Getty Image / Nick Cammett

It’s been thirteen long, tortuous years for New York Yankees fans without a World Series title or appearance. The common denominator is general manager Brian Cashman. Cashman has worked for the franchise for over 30 years and was part of the dynasty of the late 90s. But, he’s only been able to bring home one World Series title with a core of players other than the one built by Bob Watson in the 90s.

Lately, the team has seen less postseason success than the rival Red Sox, and the crosstown Mets are arguably the biggest financial powerhouse in the sport. Many fans are fed up with the lack of investment in the team under Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner, son of the late George.

On Tuesday, the same day that the New York Mets announced the signing of Justin Verlander and the Philadelphia Phillies announced the signing of Trea Turner, the Yankees announced an extension for Brian Cashman. That set off Yanks fans.

Yankees Fans Are Hating on Brian Cashman’s extension

Considering the long World Series drought, Yankees fans are not pleased.

The fact that the team announced Cashman’s extension before they signed Aaron Judge is wild.

Not a single fan of the other 29 teams has an ounce of empathy for Yankee fans.