Even From The Grave, Yankees Fans Are Giving Alex Rodriguez Crap

Alex Rodriguez interview

The New York Yankees might be set to play in the postseason for the first time since 2012, making plenty of fans in the Bronx stoked about the chance to win a 28th World Series title, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wearing pinstripes is beloved after helping the team reach the playoffs.

Turns out that an 85-year-old lady named Helen Fowler—who recently passed away—was a fan of EVERYONE on the Yanks except one Alex Rodriguez.

And Fowler loved the Yankees and hated A-Rod so much that she even mentioned both in her obituary, per Sporting News:


The Star Ledger

Damn, Helen, I know that Rodriguez cheated by using steroids and missed the entire 2014 season because of it, but the Bronx Bombers might just need his bat to make a deep run in the playoffs, so cursing him from the grave during October might just be a new sports curse.

Tons of Yanks fans have forgiven A-Rod after his faults, not Helen Folwer, though.

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