Aaron Boone and The Yankees Sound Like Idiots As They Continue To Make Excuses

Aaron Boone and The Yankees Sound Like Idiots As They Continue To Make Excuses

Getty Image / Tom Pennington

If you’ve followed the 2022 New York Yankees, you know that they can never take responsibility for a loss. All year long, it’s been one excuse after another, and rarely “we need to play better” from manager Aaron Boone and his players.

You’d think it would stop in the playoffs, where each day is much more results-focused. But, Boone made excuses for his poor managing in game three against Cleveland . And, he and his team did the same thing after Thursday night’s 3-2 loss to Houston in game two of the ALDS. Houston now leads the series 2-0.

The New York Yankees made excuses for why they lost to the Astros

It was a strange game. The only Astros runs of the game were on a three-run homer by Alex Bregman that was not hit hard at all.

And, later in the game, home run king Aaron Judge barely missed a two-run shot that would’ve put the Bronx Bombers up 4-3.

Ironically, the ball of Judge’s bat would’ve been a home run in Yankee Stadium.

After the game, New York starting pitcher Luis Severino called the Astros lucky.

And, manager Aaron Boone did the same thing.

Catcher Kyle Higashioka also did it.

My lord. They are some big losers.

New York fans and the baseball world are roasting them for this

Legendary New York sports radio personality Mike Francesa agrees that this is a bad attitude.

Most Yankee fans and baseball observers agreed with him.

It hearkens back to this tweet from the beginning of the season. Seems like things have changed.

New York will have to win what amounts to a must-win game in game three on Saturday at Yankee Stadium.