YouTube TV Announces Special Student Plan For ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’ With Reduced Prices

YouTube TV student package NFL Sunday Ticket

Getty Image / Nic Antaya

YouTube TV acquired NFL Sunday Ticket and many have complained about the prices set for the popular football program.

However, it was just announced that YouTube TV will be offering reduced prices in a special plan for college students.

According to Ari Meirov, it is not yet known exactly what the prices will be for college students. However, more information will come later in the week.

With that said, we can only assume what that price will be. Front Office Sports shares the current pricing YouTube TV has set for NFL Sunday Ticket.

To clarify, the two on the left were the reduced prices YouTube TV offered for early subscribers. The two on the right are the current prices.

At the very least, knowing this information should give us a better understanding for what they’ll be charging college students with their reduced pricing.

Furthermore, it sounds like NFL Sunday Ticket is going to be very enjoyable to watch on YouTube TV. Ari Meirov also shares that you will be able to “choose from an extensive assortment of multiview combinations every Sunday afternoon.”

So, whether you’re a college student or not, this year’s Sunday Ticket seems awesome.

If you are in college, keep a look out for more updates in the coming days, as YouTube TV will announce the reduced price package for students soon.