NFL Providing Option To Stream RedZone For Just $14.99 A Month

NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson

Getty Image / David Becker

The 2023 NFL season is quickly approaching and it sounds like RedZone is going to be much more accessible than ever before this year.

Reports indicate that you can now stream NFL RedZone from the NFL app if you sign up for NFL+.

According to Chris Vannini, NFL+ Premium will give you a package that gives full access to RedZone for just $14.99 a month.

As Vannini points out, this very well could be another hurdle for classic TV and cable viewing to overcome. Why pay go to cable or satalite when you can just stream it on any device in your home at a reasonable cost?

This is an awesome moment for fans and the league. And apparently this was in the works all along.

According to KTTC, Brian Rolapp, the NFL’s Chief Media and Business Officer, claims the league has been wanting to offer RedZone digitally for quite sometime.

“We had always felt that what we do at NFL Network and given the changing landscape, we wanted to be able to offer it digitally. Last year was an important step in doing that in launching NFL+. When it exceeded our expectations, we knew we had a base to work off of and allowed us to prepare what we needed to do. And we’re fortunate that’s coming together this year.”

Scott Hanson, the host of NFL RedZone on the NFL Network is fully on board with this decision as well. He believes streaming is the direction in which watching sports is heading anyway, per KTTC.

“This is very likely the future way that people will consume NFL RedZone and perhaps the NFL at large. And this is the first chance to do it.”

Clearly, the league has the fans in mind with this latest decision. RedZone has been a staple in professional football since it came to existence in 2009.

This season is going to be a blast and the league is making sure as many eyeballs are watching as possible. How can you not be happy about that?