Former WWE Star Claims ‘1000-0’ Winning Streak Over Two Years And He’s Probably Not Wrong

Tatanka Win Streak WWE

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The WWE Network released a new documentary at the end of 2020 about Bill Goldberg and his WCW run.

WWE Untold: Goldberg follows the meteoric rise of the former NFL player from the WCW Power Plant to being a main event star in less than a year.

One of the more debated topics around Goldberg’s run with the company was his undefeated streak, going 173-0 before finally losing to Kevin Nash (and a taser shot ).

Did Goldberg really win 173 matches? The math is a little fuzzy as his winning streak would mysteriously get much bigger in the span of days, sometimes adding double-digit wins from one Monday Night Nitro to the next.

One former WWE star thinks Goldberg’s streak isn’t all that great when compared to his own winning streak.

Chris “Tatanka” Chavis debuted with the WWF in 1991 and didn’t lose a match until 1993.

During a recent appearance on Boston Wrestling MWF’s with Dan Mirade, Tatanka did some fuzzy math of his own and figures that works out to about a 1000-0 record, considering all the house shows the WWF did back in the day.

“We literally wrestled about 500 times a year, not including if you were being used on TV by Vince McMahon.

You would wrestle at least twice [per day].

Everyone always talks about Tatanka, the undefeated streak, the two-year undefeated streak.

Goldberg, 173 and 0, when we finally figure it out and we start talking to everybody, actually I’d probably be close to 1,000 and 0 because I went two years undefeated.”

The guy has a point and probably the match numbers to back up his claim.

Unfortunately for Tatanka, while he had two solid runs with the company, Goldberg’s undefeated streak gets a little more play because it resulted in a world title.

And unfortunately far too many “Goldberg is back” moments.

[via Boston Wrestling MWF]


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