Here Are 5 Tips To Avoid Wearing The Same Clothes All The Time Without Spending A Dime

man looking in closet


Easter Sunday is typically the first day to break out the real spring clothing, at least for me, and one of the few occasions that I’ll go the whole nine with a shirt, tie and even a sports coat if the March or April wind is brisk.

It wasn’t until a recent deep dive into my Instagram that I uncovered an awful truth. I wear the same “look at me all dressed up” outfit to every function. I wore it last Easter, an anniversary dinner, and too damn much.

You’re going to wear the exact same outfit to two different social events. The birthday of two different friends or happy hours on one Friday after the next. Even if people don’t remember, the evidence will sit on Instagram feeds and Facebook timelines for years.

It’s bound to happen eventually. It’s probably happened already, more times than you realize. There are ways to avoid wearing the same outfits over and over, whether it’s to work, workout, out on a date or drinks with friends.

Here are some suggestions on how to keep from being caught in the same clothes time after time.

[1] Hang Your Clothes In An Order 

It’s all about rotation and “forgetting” about your favorite button-down or ripped denim. After doing laundry, hang your shirts and pants with the newest, cleanest clothes put at the end of the rack. If the clothes are folded, put the new stuff at the bottom of piles. This will ensure you reach for the clothes right in front of your face.

[2] Take Selfies

Don’t worry, these selfies won’t clutter up your Instagram feed. No one but you will see your giant nose and outfit archive. Use the photos as a reference guide as to when you wore an outfit, shirt or stand-out accessory. At the end of the month, delete all the images. Unless one outfit really stands out. Keep that as a reminder.

[3] Do Laundry Less

If you’re doing laundry once a week, it’s easy to lose track of which polo you wore on which day. If you haven’t done laundry in a month, then you haven’t worn certain clothes in a month or more. If you don’t have enough clothing to go a month without washing, just do underwear and socks once a month and don’t bother washing jeans at all.

[4] Check Social Media

People always take pictures at significant life events and even just insane nights out at the bar. Check and see what you’ve worn to which functions. Maybe also consider a style app to keep all your clothes in check.

[5] Don’t Always Go Bold 

No one will remember a solid black shirt. Everyone will remember the insane print or the pants with six hundred zippers. To avoid being remembered as the guy who wears the same clothes every day, stop buying such bold clothing, or just know you can only wear it once or twice before people comment “the insane circle shirt again? Really?”

And finally… 

It’s not that big of a deal. Repeating the same outfit happens to even the best dressers. Some of the biggest names in fashion wear the same damn thing every day. Just make sure to keep rotating clothes and maybe just avoid taking selfies.

Chris Illuminati writes about gear, clothing, and style for BroBible and other major outlets. Follow him on Twitter