Is Patagonia Actually Worth How Expensive It Is?

Look, you’re reading BroBible. You don’t really need a PhD in rocket science to know that we love Patagonia products around here – They make warm, durable clothes and outdoor products that are genuinely built to last. Waterproof, windproof. You get it. I basically spend the months of October – April living in my Patagonia Better Sweater fleece. I imagine many of you out there reading this do to.

But is Patagonia really worth the hefty price tag associated with the brand? Just take a stroll through a Patagonia brick and mortar retail store or an REI and you’ll *probably* experience a couple degrees of sticker shock, especially when it comes to their outdoor apparel.

Youtuber and environmentalist Levi Hildebrand digs into the brand’s values for the price and it’s a real eye-opener on all the good stuff Patagonia does, as a company. There’s a solid moral argument to the prices they command to construct amazon clothes and products. And the YouTube bleacher creatures tent to agree…

Love this man! When I was getting my “better sweater” fleece from Patagonia, I was told that I should expect 20 years out of it before the threads start to wear thin. I love brands that produce high quality products that they expect you to keep forever and pass down to others, I don’t know how environmentally friendly they are but another brand that is worth checking out for extreme attention to quality is Musto, they make incredible jackets and boots especially.

Hey Levi, enjoyed watching your video. I was just sharing a story today with my science class about my black micro puff patagonia jacket. I have had it for 5 years and wear it everyday. I wear it when I teach, hike, or even rock climb. I love my patagonia jacket and wear it all the time. Over the last 5 years it as been repair by the Ventura store countless times. I finally brought it to the patagonia store in Encinidas for another repair. The lady told me the jack was worn well and really beyond repair. She then disappeared in the back and return with a brand new micro puff jacket and gave it to me. All they wanted in return was my old jacket so they could recycle it. How cool it that??!! So basically I now have a jacket for life. They told me I could bring the new jacket back when worn out for a replacement jacket. I shared this story with my students today justifying why I spent $225 for my jacket and tied it into our biodiversity/environmental issues projects.

It’s an eye-opening video about corporate values and the economics that go into trying to genuinely make the world a better place through an outdoor apparel business.

Watch the video here:

Anyone else suddenly excited for fall?

It’s Patagonia SZN, baby!

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