The Official ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Clothing Line Is Here And The Gunslinger Jacket Is Extremely Badass

I can’t tell you how many days of my life I’ve lost in the past month thanks to Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s the most addictive game of all time, so much so that you’ll find yourself dreaming as Author Morgan thanks to all those prairie coyote hunts and marathon whiskey-fueled poker games. It’s an addicting digital escape.

Author Morgan isn’t a icon of masculinity for the digital generation: Tough as rawhide, swagger like Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter. He’d need a whole team of assistants just to manage his Tinder presence if he wasn’t a video game character. Just look at this fierce, frontier badness:

And because of that, he’s a style icon for all of us who still fantasize of being cowboys, ranch hands, white-knuckled pioneers, bow hunters, and prospectors, galavanting around a high country desert filled stage brush. We might have to head to the cubicle in the morning for another pain-in-the-dick meeting with a poor-tempered boss that sucks at Excel, but I’ll be damned if all that dusty digital terrain in Red Dead 2 feel like a fine escape for an evening or 30.

I supposed the next best thing from being Author Morgan is looking like Author Morgan. Rockstar Games teamed up with Barking Irons, a yuppie-ish New York City haberdasher with a gritty edge and spiritual home on the Bowery close to Rockstar’s offices in Nolita. Together, they came up with a limited edition Red Dead Redemption 2 clothing line, featuring a Gunslinger Jacket and a Denim Chore Shirt – just the shirt you’d wear into a double-door saloon before a game of Five Finger Fillet.

Sans a trip to Kemo Sabe (…the OG of all distinguished modern cowboy apparel), it’s the ultimate in western duds.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the field tan Gunslinger Jacket, modeled after Author Morgan’s waxed jacket in the game. It features a water-resistant waxed canvas, along with a premium leather top collar. Other touches:

-Custom corozo top button

-Arthur Morgan collar print

-Van der Linde inside pocket

-Print Rockstar Games insignia inside

Go check out the whole collection a Barking Irons. I’ve never needed something more in my life.


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