Revtown Jeans: Perfect For Lounging On The Couch, Or Versatile Enough For Backyard Football Afterwards

Brought to you in partnership with Revtown Jeans.

Fall’s the perfect season for being, well, a guy. That’s not to say summer, spring or winter aren’t great, too, but autumn brings a different kind of feel for men, as football season kicks off and we get to get comfortable into versatile clothing like jeans, pullovers, henley’s and other types of things to layer.

Problem is, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced that “tight” feeling when it comes to wearing denim throughout the fall, with your gut feeling like it’s being squeezed shut and your thighs feeling like elastic bands are being wrapped around them because of all the delicious IPAs you’re probably enjoying while watching football.

It’s a crappy feeling, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to Revtown Jeans — who designed the perfect pair of jeans by creating an athletic stretch — your new favorite pair of pants can be worn for any occasion during the fall season. Talk about a serious score, right?!


Revtown Jeans‘ innovative performance fabrics make it easy for guys to feel comfortable no matter what they’re doing this fall season. Whether that’s sipping some tall ones with a couple of buddies on a couch, to tossing around the ol’ pigskin in the backyard afterwards, Revtown’s denim is flexible, soft and versatile — so you won’t have that whole gut over the waistline feeling.

Since we legit can’t take ourselves out of Revtown Jeans, take a look at some of the options you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe this fall season.


Revtown Jeans The Khaki Jean – $79

Revtown Jeans’ The Khaki Jean brings the comfort and softness of their other denim options, but with a little splash of brightness — which we all could use on a dark and gloomy fall day sometimes. For those of you who want that classic khaki look without actual chinos, these are the best options for you.

Revtown Jeans Sharp Denim Pants – $79

When you need to look a little bit more refined, Revtown Jeans’ Sharp Denim pants should be your go-to option. With a slim straight cut that sits on the waist, these jeans hug the thighs without that terrible tight feeling that other denim has, but open up more at the bottom of the pant so they can be rolled for a more casual look. If you wore these every single day, nobody will be mad about it, because they’re that comfortable.

Revtown Jeans The Automatic Denim – $79

Touted as the “go-to jeans for any guy, any time, any place” the Automatic Denim are specifically made for any task a guy’s about to tackle. If you’re sitting around all day watching football, these are your pants. On the contrary, if you want to jump on your motorcycle and head to the park for some touch football, boom, the Automatic Denim can be worn, too. Like we said above, it’s all about versatility with Revtown — and these might be the best option out there for any occasion.

Plus, if you’re looking for a more tapered version of Revtown Jeans‘ denim, you’re in luck, because that style will be available soon — so keep an eye out for its release.


Don’t forget that Revtown Jeans also has an option for all the guys who can’t quite make up their minds when it comes to buying clothes, with the company offering amazing crate options, which give guys the control to choose any two pairs of jeans and any two shirts — with an extra tee tossed in courtesy of Revtown. Here’s how it works.

  1. Simply choose your two pairs of jeans
  2. Add your two shirts
  3. Pick out the free shirt you want Revtown Jeans to toss in for you
  4. Confirm your order and, boom, you’re all set

Yep, even if you’re indecisive on what you want to add to your closet, Revtown Jeans can help by acting as your personal shopper with no hassle at all. How convenient, right?


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