This $185 Vincero Watch Is An Instant Style Upgrade

Brought to you in partnership with Vincero Watches.

It’s a very human thing to take pride in compliments. Remember when you showed up to school with a fresh pair of sneakers and your gym teacher called them out? Immediate gratification. Or the first car you really put your heart and soul into owning, then a stranger tells you they like your wheels at a parking lot.

It’s a good feeling. It’s a feeling that stays with you, often for more than a fleeting second.

The same thing goes for a compliment on a wristwatch. It can be from a stranger at an airport bar, a co-worker, your future father-in-law. When you get it, it sticks like molasses – it’s a stamp of authority on your taste; on your sense of style. It’s a wink of understanding, like a bartender saying “nice choice” when you pick out a small batch craft bourbon at a bar.

Vincero’s The Altitude watch has quickly become my everyday carry timepiece for a good reason.  I picked it up this summer when I realized I needed to step up my overall accessory game, feeling like a fool for showing up to meetings without a proper watch on my wrist.


What a great decision: Vincero’s The Altitude watch is *that* watch that gets more compliments from strangers than any other watch I’ve ever owned in my life, including watches much more flashy and expensive.

Vincero’s Altitude is still remarkably subtle. It’s a watch for the casual days or bold adventures. There’s no peacocking with this timepiece – it just gets noticed naturally.

As someone working in tech, I’m a pretty simple t-shirt and jeans-to-work kind of guy. At the office or out with friends, the Vincero Altitude is a handsome pilot watch under $200 that ties my overall style together. It’s wider and heavier than most watches in the same category, boasting a 43mm face and a **thicc* 12mm diameter. The naturally finished leather is the perfect accent.

I went with the silver-blue. Picking up Vincero’s The Altitude black-matte edition, with a 100D Cordura® Nylon strap, is easily my next addition to the collection.



For the true modern, woodsman cabin look, Vincero’s matte black / pine is also an option from The Altitude collection.


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