Bumble Is Being Evaluated At Over $1 Billion And It Was Started By A Woman Who Was Allegedly Screwed By Tinder

by 2 years ago

Remember when the MP3 player just came out and that one rich kid in the bus line was rocking out to the foreign object? He was the big swingin’ dick in eighth grade even though he wore turtlenecks. Then, shortly after, Apple released it’s first iPod and THAT dude was walking through the hallways with his sack dragging on the floor. Cool by association. And the MP3 didn’t seem so cool anymore.

Well that’s basically been the story of Tinder and Bumble, respectively. Bumble has become the Stefan Urkel to Tinder’s Steve Urkel. The general concepts both dating sites employ isn’t much different: create profile, add pictures, swipe left, swipe right, wonder what happened to the past 3 hours. The Bumble difference is that after a match occurs, the conversation starter is incumbent on the woman. This all but eliminates the unsolicited dick pic epidemic that has smeared Tinder’s reputation and scared many women away.

As it stands today, Bumble has garnered over 22 million registered users, to Tinder’s 46 million. According to Forbes, Bumble is experiencing more than 70% year-over-year growth, to Tinder’s roughly 10%, closing the gap quickly. By monetizing via in-app purchases, Bumble will rake in over $100 million in sales this year, and more than 10% of its users pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription, compared to 5% of Tinder users paying for a similar subscription.

And the woman behind Bumble’s success is 28-year-old Whitney Wolfe Herd.