Could An NFL 2K Video Game Be Close?


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The makers of the NBA 2K franchise and the NFL are getting the old band back together. The game maker and America’s most popular sports league have agreed to team up to create multiple video games. According to reports, Take-Two has already started development.

Does this mean what I think it means?

Kind of. The old NFL 2K games of the early aughts could be making a comeback someday. The nostalgia is overwhelming. BUT, and that’s a big but, EA Sports, the makers of the Madden franchise, still has the rights to simulation-based games with the NFL and NFLPA through 2022. For now…

OK, so what does it mean then?

It means that any realistic, hard-hitting, CTE inducing action will still be made by EA Sports for the next few years. What Take-Two can provide, however, are games using league names and logos, while not replicating gameplay. Think “NBA Street” with more Roman Coliseum level violence, or “Backyard Baseball” with less Pablo Sanchez. 

Simulated action or not, investors feel pretty good about Take-Two’s foot in the proverbial NFL door. Shares of the developer rose 1.8% on Tuesday, while EA dropped 3% on the day.

The bottom line…

While EA still holds a monopoly on NFL video games, we could be seeing the beginning of the end. Madden players have been complaining for the last few seasons about the complacency of EA sports handling of the franchise, issues which led to more than a few great game physics gaffes over the years. 

As a result, Take-Two has a new connection with the NFL, and you can bet your ass they’re creating the world’s greatest pitch for that contract as soon as EA’s agreement is up in 2022. No pressure.

For all we know, they’re developing a full-simulation game as we speak. One that will just take the flip of a switch once the ink is dry on a new contract in two years. What’s that about egg and hatching? Who cares, just give me an NFL game with realistic tackles.

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