This Chart Of How Much More The 1% Makes Than Everyone Else Probably Won’t Make You Feel Great About Yourself

how much more the 1% makes


In 2011, hundreds of people swarmed to Zuccotti Park in New York City with sleeping bags in tow and set up camp in the name of Occupy Wall Street, a protest that set out to highlight (among other things) the perceived dangers of income inequality and corporate greed.

At first glance, Occupy Wall Street didn’t appear to be that much different than similar gatherings before it and had all the usual suspects, including:

  • Hacky sacks made of hemp
  • Jam band t-shirts
  • Excessive chanting
  • The lingering stench of patchouli

However, there was something different about Occupy Wall Street, which quickly evolved from a mere protest and into a movement as more and more people began to sympathize with the cause.

Even if you weren’t a fan of the methods harnessed by Occupy Wall Street there’s no denying the impact that it had— especially when it came to raising awareness concerning the group labeled “The 1%.”

As it currently stands, the top one percent of earners in America hold close to 40% of the country’s wealth, which seems slightly disproportionate from an outside point of view.

It’s kind of hard to fathom just how much of a difference there is between these elites and the other 99% of people, but thanks to this chart from HowMuch, it’s a bit easier to visualize just how insane income disparity in the United States can be.

After taking a look at data gathered by the Economic Policy Institute, HowMuch put together an impressively depressing chart to show just how much The 1% makes compared to the rest of us normal people in every state.

how much more does the one percent makes


Shoutout to the hedge fund managers in Greenwich for helping Connecticut take the top spot.

You earned it. You really did.

HowMuch previously released an equally disheartening chart showing how much you need to make to be in The 1% in every state but things get a lot more sobering when you look at how much the average person makes compared to them (even the “poorest” states have more than a $500k disparity).

If this chart ruined your day, don’t blame me. Blame late capitalism.

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