Top 10 Boomtowns Of 2019 Released And South Carolina Is Represented On The List – See Where The Jobs Are

Top 2019 boomtowns for jobs and economic growth shows three areas of Charleston make the top 10 list.

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Are you living in a stagnate area with only dead-end jobs? Is your 2020 New Year’s resolution to get a better job or a new career? Maybe your environment is holding you back. Perhaps you need a change of scenery to a city that is flourishing so that you can thrive with it. You need to find yourself a boomtown.

A boomtown is a place where there is economic prosperity, rapid business growth, where jobs are plentiful. These attributes make boomtowns an attractive place for people to move to so that they, too can enjoy more individual prosperity. In 2019, South Carolina was one of the best places to live and to find a job.

Financial website SmartAsset examined 500 of the largest cities across the United States. The site examined metrics, including population change, unemployment rate, change in the unemployment rate, GDP growth rate, business growth, housing growth, and change in household income.

They released their 2019 list of the “Top Boomtowns in America,” and they discovered that one area, in particular, is Charleston and the areas surrounding the Southern gem of a city, were a fantastic place to find economic development in 2019. Charleston suburb, Mount Pleasant, was the third-best boomtown for 2019. Charleston was No. 8 on the list, followed by North Charleston.

Colorado and Texas also boasted three of the top 10 boomtowns in the nation. Denton, Texas was No. 2 on the list, and Longmont, Colorado, was the top boomtown in 2019.

On the opposite spectrum, there were no Midwestern or Northeastern cities in the top 50. All of the top 50 boomtowns for 2019 were in Southern and Western states.

Here are the top 10 boomtowns of 2019 according to SmartAsset:

10. Round Rock, Texas
Population change 2014-2018: 14.52%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 18.57%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 13.96%

9. North Charleston, South Carolina
Population change 2014-2018: 10.41%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 9.36%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 21.71%

8. Charleston, South Carolina
Population change 2014-2018: 7.91%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 11.51%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 25.13%

7. Denver, Colorado
Population change 2014-2018: 7.93%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 10.71%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 24.46%

6. New Braunfels, Texas
Population change 2014-2018: 30.21%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 41.47%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 16.6%

5. Greeley, Colorado
Population change 2014-2018: 8.88%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 14.63%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 18.81%

4. Miami, Florida
Population change 2014-2018: 9.43%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 10.11%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 31.02%

3. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Population change 2014-2018: 14.85%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 16.28%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 23.94%

2. Denton, Texas
Population change 2014-2018: 8.08%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 13.42%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 36.21%

1. Longmont, Colorado
Population change 2014-2018: 6.43%
Housing growth 2014-2018: 17.61%
Household income growth 2014-2018: 29.16%

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