Florida man accused of murder allegedly asked Siri the best place ‘to dump a body’

Did I really need to put Florida in the headline? 

Stories like this and I’m assuming people come to the conclusion it happened in Florida.

Anyway, 20-year-old Pedro Bravo is accused of murdering his roommate. Without a plan, the man turned to know-it-all Siri, the iPhone application that makes suggestions based on questions from users. The young man allegedly asked “I need to hide my roommate” which isn’t even a question, but, Siri responded in her usual hilarious and no help whatsoever way

Siri, which is known to make a joke or two, offered up: swamps (which are super places to hide decomposing human flesh, according to search results that will probably land me on Google’s watch list); reservoirs; metal foundries; and dumps.

Oh Siri, you’re a stitch! Unfortunately for the accused, it wasn’t just Siri ratting him out on the night of his roommate’s murder. The iPhone’s flashlight was used nine times over a 48-minute period and the GPS coordinates don’t match where Bravo said he was.

Those are all very dumb things to do. Bravo, Pedro Bravo. Bravo.

UPDATE: Or maybe he didn’t. 

[via Fast Company]