Selena Gomez destroys Justin Bieber in alleged leaked text messages

By 01.21.14

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As if we didn’t like Selena Gomez enough, now comes a report chronicling some alleged leaked text messages in which Gomez pretty much lays the wood to Bieber for being the giant douchebag so many people think that he is. Warning: the texts are a teeeensy bit graphic.

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According to Radar this is a bit of what went down.

Bieber: “You’re all I need right now. I know I can make it right with you.”

Gomez: “U r a drug addict. U need help.”

Bieber: “Come on. Don’t tell me you don’t miss this.”

(This is the point where he allegedly texted a wiener pic. Of course.)

Gomez: “Why r u sending these to me. We r done. And how can u let [Lil Za] take the fall or your actions? U need to grow the f*ck up. I hope you get jail time. U deserve it at this point.”

Bieber: “F*CK YOU!!!!! I need to grow up?! HA ok! Enjoy life with OUT ME B*TCH!!! F*ck you. F*ck Scooter. F*ck all y’all. IAM DONE!”

Gomez: “Good!!! Go ‘retire’ or whatever bullish*t attention ur trying to get.”

Bieber: “Can’t hear you over my cash, babe! You’re only famous cuz of me. You know it. I know. Everybody knows. Bye. … Go f**k someone else. Keep that talentless p*ssy away from me!”

I don’t know how you scored it, but my judges have it as a unaninmous decision: 50 to 45, 50 to 45, 50 to 45, and NEW champion, Selena Gomez!!

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They’re REAL & They’re GRAPHIC! See The X-Rated Nude Photos Justin Bieber Sexted Selena Gomez After She Claims He’s ‘A Drug Addict’ Who Needs To ‘Go To Rehab!’ [Radar]

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