All I’m watching today is this woman faceplanting hard on ice after Kings won the Stanley Cup

By 06.14.14

Even though the New York Rangers lost an excruciatingly heart-wrenching double overtime loss to the Los Angeles Kings that eliminated them in the Stanley Cup Finals, this woman may have taken it even harder on the chin than they did. As the Kings celebrated their Stanley Cup Championship on the ice at the Staples Center friends and family of the players bravely paraded on the ice to congratulate the winners. However these people are not professional hockey players and are not wearing ice skates, so their travel can be a bit dicey. This young woman decided that it was a prudent decision to walk on the ice while wearing high heels. She quickly learned that it was a horrible idea as she lost her balance, twisted in the air and smashed her face into the solid ice. While the emotional scars of the players on the Rangers will heal in time, this woman may need a plastic surgeon to repair the damage she suffered on the Staples Center ice.



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