Stalker pranks ex-girlfriend with Craigslist ad, weirdos looking for sex

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Kenneth Kuban posted a “Casual Encounters” Craigslist ad in an effort to prank his ex-girlfriend. Shockingly, it did not go well.

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Kuban, 61, allegedly sent emails with his ex-girlfriend’s picture and other details in an effort to get them to show up to her Marshall, Va. home.

According to the NY Daily News, Kuban’s ad said, “I’m a senior lady who is looking for some fun And adventure in my life!! Would like to meet a gentleman in his 50’s that is Hung and that can give me some pleasuring.”

The woman then watched, ahem, suitor after suitor walking up to her door seeking their previously discussed sexual relations. She had to put signs on her fence and gates noting that she was not interested in any additional Craigslist suitors and that any new ones would be charged with trespassing.

Kuban dated the 64-year-old woman (craddle robber, meow) for around six months before the relationship fell apart.

The Smoking Gun reports Kuban previously had a restraining order filed against him by the unidentified woman after the collapse of the relationship.

Kuban was charged with felony stalking; if convicted, he faces five years in prison.

Perhaps the men weren’t hung enough to make up for the overwhelming horror of the situation? I guess we’ll never know.

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