Titus Young begs for his job with parents in tow

By 01.02.13


Titus Young’s been on shaky ground with the Lions after he purposely lined up in the wrong spot during a game against the Packers. He was summarily placed on pseudo suspension while the team mulled their options. This despite the Lions’ need for a receiver following serious injuries to Nate Burleson and Ryan Broyles.

But after the season head coach Jim Schwartz left the window open for Young to return.

“[Young] is still on our roster and everybody that’s on our roster is still on our roster for a reason,” Schwartz said. “There’s a window [for him to return] there, and there’s a chance, there is a process involved there [before he could rejoin the roster].”

Today, the situation escalated to a meeting between Young’s parents and Lions personnel. Let me repeat that for you in laymen’s terms. Titus Young and his folks were called in for parent-teacher conferences because he was disruptive in class.

By the way, Titus is 23-years-old and has a child. God help us all.

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