Wall Street’s fluctuations now tracked by floppy robot wieners

by 3 years ago

Each year for thesis presentation NYU’s Tisch School of Arts holds a ‘thesis show’ in which the floppiest and most magnificent penises, or ‘art installations,’ are showcased.

This year the ITP Thesis Show was dazzled by this wall of 81 3-D printed animatronic wangers who’s function is to visually represent data, such as the stock market.


Why stop so short though? I mean, think about if those moving floppy phalluses were to incorporate technology analogous to a mood ring. So not only could it represent data, we could all be pleasantly treated to a dazzling light show of angry red penises when the market plummets!

Source: DeathandTaxes And for more from the creator of the d*ck wall, Peiqi SU, check out his Vimeo page HERE.


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