We Interviewed the Very Attractive Gamer Girl Meg Turney

By 01.14.14

BroBible: What kind of players do you hate the most in multiplayer first person shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield?

Meg Turney: For me, the players that are the most annoying are those who aren’t having an ounce of fun. I get having a goal and wanting to execute that, and by all means, let’s kick ass and take names together, but when you’re a jerk to the rest of your team, you kill the fun.

What’s your favorite throwback game for N64? Why?

Oh man, classic gaming is my gamer heart and soul, though an N64 isn’t really that old, is it? Hands down Mario Kart 64 is my favorite. It’s the one installment in the franchise that everyone remembers throwing down on. In college, I had an inflatable couch in my dorm room and we popped it during a particularly lively Mario Kart 64 match. Worth it.

What does a gamer girl like yourself snack on when she is embroiled in a gaming marathon? 

What you’re chowing down on between matches is important and no gaming session is complete without Slim Jims for me – they’re quick and easy to pick up while you get ready to get back to kicking ass!

Do you have a favorite genre or are you just as into sports games as you are adventure?

I’m kinda all over the board, though I really never play sports games. I do tend to gravitate to games I can enjoy on my own like Last of Us or Bioshock, but I do party up with friends from time to time to play games like Borderlands or Super Puzzle Fighter.

What was the first video game you remember loving?

Hmmm…I grew up in a family of gamers – even my mom and grandma play (No joke – my grandma gets hype playing WoW) so I’ve been playing as long as I can remember. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was one of the first games I ever beat, so I guess I’d have to go with that.

Do you have any favorite old-school sports games?

My older brothers never really let me play when they were playing sports games – the closest I got was snagging the controller during Street Fighter matches. And a LOT of Super Punch out. I suppose that counts.

Do you have any tips for other gamer girls?

Honestly, just do you. Don’t worry about having to be the best at everything – just have fun! Games are supposed to be about having fun – not being the most ferocious. In that vein – don’t put down other people. There are enough jerks out there – don’t be one of them.

How do guys react when they first learn just how into gaming you really are? 

Most of the time it starts with disbelief and once they realize it’s legit they’re usually pretty excited about it. It’s a great way to connect with someone, so I think most guys are pretty stoked to have a date who wants to just stay in and play games.

How can a guy pick up a gamer girl? 

Just play it cool. A lot of guys feel the need to quiz girls who say they’re into games and it’s the biggest turn-off. If you meet a girl who games, just game with her, too! Have fun and don’t take it too seriously – that’s always attractive to me – a guy who can relax and just have fun playing games.

What’s better: video game chair, couch, or bean bag? 

For me, I love a good bean bag because I’m so small and it tends to kind of cocoon me in. I don’t have one of those at home, so I kick it on my couch, which is actually nice because I can lay down and be a sloth or sit up and be ready to take on the world.


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