ShredYourEx Destroys Photos Of Your Ex For Some Sweet Valentine’s Day Revenge

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YouTube - Shred Your Ex

Looking for a fun way to exact some vengeance on your ex this Valentine’s Day? Then you’re going to really enjoy ShredYourEx.

ShredYourEx is a new Web site by ad agency McKinney that lets you submit a photo of your ex and watch, while wringing your hands like an old school villain, as it gets shredded into teeny, tiny little pieces.

Just Instagram or tweet a photo of your evil ex, include the hashtag #ShredYourEx in the post, then go to and watch a live feed of your ex’s photo being printed into a shredder behind an ominous digital fire.

McKinney staffer Renee Montpetit told The Huffington Post that her team created the site to squeeze some fun out of a day that can be less than thrilling for singles.

“Plus, deleting a picture doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as physically destroying it,” she said. “This gives singles that cathartic release in a fun way.”

Bonus points to you for doing this too because all of the shredded exes are being donated to Paws4ever, a local animal shelter, to be used as litter for recently spayed and neutered kittens! Revenge that also helps kitty cats? Bro King Rob Gronkowski approves.

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