Smartphones Are Turning Teens Into Grunting Cavemen

by 4 years ago

Case in point: Teens have at their disposal the greatest tools for social interaction in world history—smart phones, Twitter, Facebook. How are they using them? You should know the answer to this: To hit up strangers with lines like, “So, are you good at hooking up?” And then an (unsuccessful) attempt to have sex in as few words as possible.

From the Daily Mail:

According to experts, new forms of communication like texting, Facebook and Twitter are becoming a crutch for teenage boys just starting to learn how to engage with the opposite sex.

Many of these boys are using texting as a streamline to get what they want, often propositioning schoolmates for sex or other acts without so much as an 'I like you'.

Harvard clinical psychologist Dr Catherine Steiner-Adair witnessed the problem while conducting research for her new book 'The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age.'

Dr Steiner-Adair interviewed 1,000 students nationwide for her new book and found several instances where innately sexual messages were being accepted as the norm.

While sitting in her English class, one 15-year-old girl got a text message from a boy in the same class who she hardly knew saying 'So, are you good at hooking up?'

'Um idk. I don't really think about that,' she replied.

'Well I want my d*** in your mouth? Will you at least be my girlfriend,' he said.


Any younger bros reading this, just an FYI: We're not at that moment in the future yet when everyone will be constantly doing it. You don't get to skip the weeks of flirtation and money spent that maybe leads to a makeout. Dammit, don't you know that getting girls is work?


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