Film Student Lets A Thief Steal His Smartphone Pre-Loaded With Spyware, Turns Resulting Footage Into Epic Movie

by 10 months ago

When Anthony van der Meer first had his smartphone stolen he instantly realized just how much of his personal/vital/secret information were now in the hands of a thief. The amount of information we store on our smartphones is shocking: hundreds of thousands of texts and emails, our entire contact/address book, pictures. That stuff in the hands of a thief can be terrifying, but it can also be extremely fascinating to peer into the life of a thief and glimpse what they do with this information, and how sophisticated they really are.

Anthony van der Meer is a film student, and after his phone was stolen the first time he picked up a second phone, loaded it with spyware which allowed him to track and monitor the phone at all times, and then he allowed that phone to be stolen by a thief. He then took the resulting footage and turned it into a short film (seen above), and it’s 21 minutes of insight into the life of a European pickpocket thief, and I have to admit that you ultimately start feeling shitty for this thief because his life is so pathetic.

What’s interesting is that this tactic of leaking a device loaded full of spyware is actually a well-known hacking tactic. So even though this filmmaker has supposedly innocent intentions, he turned himself into a hacker with the capacity for some pretty evil shit. I know this because a relative of mine had a tablet show up at their home, appearing to be a gift from one of his clients, and they later found out it was completely loaded with spyware which was tracking every single keystroke…Bank accounts, passwords…scary shit.

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