This Video About How a Woman Should Eat Chicken Wings Will Make You Happy You’re Not a Woman

by 4 years ago

I love them, I love them, I love them. And when I'm hungry, I dive right in and could care less if my cheeks are covered in sauce and my lips are dripping blue cheese. 

Apparently though, womenzfolks are not allowed to eat wings this way. It's not demure enough. It lacks a certain southern couth that is necessary to be marry a gent. 

So here is a stupid fucking video telling women how to eat wings, even though the correct answer is however the fuck they want. 

(The reverse is not true for men. If I ever see a guy using this method before he dives into his wings, I reserve the right to shoot him in his dainty fucking face. MAN LAW.)

[H/T @DaniBails]

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