Watch The World’s Fastest Golf Cart Hit 118 MPH In The Quarter Mile

By 11.04.14
worlds fastest golf cart


Golf carts are the best. So fun, so dangerous. Plum Quick Racing knows this and just took having fun in a golf cart to a whole new level breaking their previous record of 103.65 MPH (yes, they have done this before) with a new record for the World’s Fastest Golf Cart now being set at a scary 118.76 MPH.

According to Jalopnik, that’s faster than a 2014 Mercedes CL65 AMG. Plum Quick also claims that the record was set using a 90% stock Club Car Golf Cart, which makes riding in the thing at 118 MPH even more of show of testicular fortitude.

I so want this golf cart.

H/T Jalopnik

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