Actual video of Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at Justin Bieber, and why he did it

orlando bloom punch bieber

Well, that didn’t take long. Video of Orlando Bloom actually trying to punch Justin Bieber last night has hit the Internet. We truly live in a magical age now, don’t we?

According to Page Six, the reason for the punch was this…

“Justin was at one table, and Orlando was at another,” a source told us. “But when Bieber and his party were later walking past Bloom’s table, Orlando refused to shake Bieber’s hand.” Then “Bieber said something rude to Orlando, like, ‘She was good.'”

Another source close to Bieber countered that the pop star didn’t make any rude comment and that “Justin didn’t even know Orlando was there. But when they saw each other, it was Orlando who was just being an a-hole to Justin.”

Then, according to more “sources” Bieber allegedly said, “Say hi to her,” as they he and Bloom were separated.

Earlier I had just one question: how did Orlando Bloom fail in this potentially glorious moment? (Some say he connected, but I don’t see it.) But now after thinking about it, I have another. Why did Bieber post that photo of Miranda Kerr only to delete it like a millisecond later? That’s not very tough, and we all know how tough B-Dog is, right? Oh, wait, never mind. Puss move done by a puss. Totally makes sense now.

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