Alissa Arden is a sexy blonde model from Texas you need to see

Yes, for the third day in a row we have another lovely young lady we think is going to hit it big some day. Today we’d like to introduce you to 19 year-old model Alissa Arden. She’s a real keeper, as you’ll soon see.

When we asked Alissa to tell us a little bit about herself, she told us that she’s based out of Dallas Texas, and says, “I’m a huge football fan and in my free time I love reading – I’m a sucker for a good romance novel. Ice cream, a fishing pole and bikinis are all I need during the summer and I’m a happy girl! Just take me to a lake!”

Forget making it as a model, I think she just gained a few thousand male suitors. And that’s why Alissa Arden definitely qualifies as “one to watch.”

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Photos courtesy Alissa Arden