Amanda Bynes recording her first single tonight?

amanda bynes new single record contract

Amanda Bynes, Twitter

According to Jonathan Jaxson, the rumors of Amanda Bynes having signed a record deal are true as he says that she will be in studio recording a new single tonight. Jaxson, as you may recall, is the publicist who lives in the same building as Bynes and shared texts in which Amanda Bynes told him that everything she is doing is an act. He also once called the police on her because he thought she was a danger to herself at the time. So there’s that too. But today it’s all about the good news as Jaxson tweeted, “Furthermore, it’s no joke! @AmandaBynes will be at one of the most legendary studios tonight recording her first single!”

It had been reported previously by Radar that Amanda Bynes was offered a record deal by Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records who said that he thinks Amanda Bynes is, and I quote, “more gangster than Drake” – the object of numerous Amanda Bynes tweets. No word yet on whether or not this is the studio at which she will be recording tonight. Like it matters.

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