This week in ‘Amanda Bynes: Up All Night’

Amanda Bynes image by s_bukley/Shutterstock

It’s been a few days since we checked in on our current favorite person to follow on Twitter, Amanda Bynes. Let’s see what awesome things she’s been up to, shall we?

First, there was a report in the New York Post that Amanda was asked to leave a gymnastics class over the weekend because of what they called “bizarre behavior.” Amanda Bynes, bizarre behavior? C’mon!

Says the Post

The former Nickelodeon child star stunned fellow athletes at the Adult Gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers when she “showed up in fishnets and a leotard that looked like lingerie.”

Onlookers said the staff became concerned about Bynes, who was “muttering to herself” and then “burst into tears when she attempted a cartwheel and her dark-colored wig fell off.”

A source also said that Amanda was “spinning around in circles and mumbling to herself” and was later asked to leave. Asked to leave? I’d have started filming this shit and making big money on YouTube. That’s a John Beilein-like move right there not capitalizing on this event. Amanda, of course, threatened to sue every blog who said that she was kicked out of the class. (For the record, I am not saying she was kicked out. I am saying that the Post said she was kicked out. Fine line. Also I tend to believe them.

Fast forward to last night where Amanda Bynes apparently stayed up all night tweeting these gems…

She likes saying that.

She has also said that Web sites are only allowed to use pictures that she posts on Twitter from now on, so I guess this is her helping us out. She has also said that she doesn’t read articles written about her unless she gives an interview for a magazine. So how does she know what pictures we use?

Very normal.

I have to agree, that is one fantastic photo.

Note: I tried to finish this post more than once, but she just keeps tweeting. Girl never sleeps.

Thus concludes this week in ‘Amanda Bynes: Up All Night.’ Please join us for the next episode which could happen at any moment.

Photo credit: Amanda Bynes image by s_bukley/Shutterstock