Amanda Seyfried kicks some serious ass in new self-defense training video

When you think of the most badass women in Hollywood Amanda Seyfried’s name probably doesn’t come up. However, once you watch this self-defense video she made recently that might change. And scare you a little.

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The video, for something called The Soteria Method taught by someone named Avital Zeisler, shows that should anyone out there ever thinking about approaching Amanda when she’s not expecting it, they might want to give that a second thought.

Amanda tells us that the moves she’s performing are designed for females, saying, “It doesn’t matter how big you are, how strong you are, what your fitness level is. You just need to outsmart the attacker. When I started learning this method I became addicted to it because it’s so simple…It makes you feel really empowered. It makes you feel strong.”

Mean Girl indeed. Stalkers beware.

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