If you’re not following Anna Faith Carlson on Instagram you’re doing it wrong

This week for our “Hot on Instagram” feature we pay homage to the girl who blew up the Internet because she’s a dead ringer for Princess Elsa from Frozen, Anna Faith Carlson.

Anna Faith on Instagram: @annafaithxoxo

She now has over 375,000 followers on Instagram which I am sure has a little bit to do with her uncanny resemblance to Princess Elsa. Just a hunch.

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Despite all her publicity recently, we still don’t know a whole lot about Anna Faith. We know that she’s a model from Florida and we know from one of her photos that she’s attempting to get a role on the ABC show Once Upon a Time as Princess Elsa. We also know that she does appearances as Elsa for kids, and last and most importantly, we know that if you’re not following her on Instagram…you’re doing it wrong.

Be sure to keep up with Anna Faith on Twitter, Facebook, her Web site, and of course, Instagram.

Photos: Anna Faith Carlson, Instagram