If you need another reason to hate Anne Hathaway, here you go

Anne Hathaway image by JStone/Shutterstock

Everyone still hates Anne Hathaway, right? If not, this alleged list of demands her people made in order for her to attend a breast cancer awareness event might push those who don’t yet right over the edge.

InTouch obtained a list of what it would supposedly take for Anne Hathaway to host the Pink Party for cancer research a couple of weeks ago and it makes Anne sound like a very sweet and well-grounded person. I don’t know how anyone could not like her.


Do not take photos of ask for an autograph from anne hathaway. Her team is starting to getting really concerned today. Please make sure none of you or your guests approach her. I know in the past our hosts have mingled in the party, but each person is different and We are trying to respect her space.

No bloggers!!!!! Please!!!! cannot talk to her, nothing please. (forward team please help me!) Most of our celebs are happy to talk and share why cancer research is important to them so there will be other opportunities at the event.

I will truly need all of your help!!!

If you are sitting next to her in the front row, please make sure no one goes into to lounge 🙂

Makes perfect sense. It’s an event to help promote breast cancer awareness so it really should be all about making sure Anne isn’t bothered by the “guests” and especially, God forbid, a blogger!!!!! (Was that the right amount of exclamation points?)

Hmmm…suddenly Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem so annoying as far as celebrities go.

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