Bar Refaeli in a much more enjoyable video than the GoDaddy commercial

So you probably saw, and were grossed out by, the now infamous GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial featuring Bar Refaeli making out with a red-faced nerd. Let’s cleanse our palate of that nasty taste right now. I wanted to get rid of that image as fast as I could so luckily I ran across this semi-sexy video of Bar being interviewed for the new Vogue Italy. While it may not be the sexiest video we’ve ever seen Bar make, it certainly accomplishes the task of clearing our minds of those mental images. *shudder*

Then again, if you are truly a glutton for punishment, GoDaddy has released an “unrated, extended cut” of the ad, filled with all sorts of tongue and sloppy make out noises. Watch at your own risk.

Can’t get enough of Bar Refaeli? We can help you out right here.

Photo credit: YouTube/Vogue