Bradley Cooper works at Burger King now

bradley cooper burger king

Well, not “officially,” but Bradley Cooper did flip burgers, cook fries, and wait on customers at a Burger King in England the other day. Bro was doing it legit, as if he’s not already cool enough being named sexiest man alive, dating supermodels almost half his age and shit.

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A source told The Sun newspaper: “Bradley was training alongside genuine Burger King staff. The aim was to learn the “art of the flip” which he nailed fairly quickly. There was no real fanfare from him. You’d never know he was a big star by the way he spoke to people.”


The reason for all of this was of course for a movie called Adam Jones in which Cooper plays a chef.

Is that what they call the people who make the food at Burger King? Eh, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you just know Cooper took that BK uni home for a little cosplay action with his honey Suki, don’t you? Bro on, B-Coop, bro on…

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What a whooper! Bradley Cooper stuns customers by flipping burgers at Burger King for movie role [Mirror]

Bradley Cooper image by vipflash/Shutterstock