Camilla Belle grossly underutilized in Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Heart Attack’ video

Camilla Belle is one of the most underrated actresses (and hotties) working today so when we found out she was starring in the new Enrique Iglesias music video for his single “Heart Attack” we nearly had one ourselves. Camilla has been on our most underrated women lists for two years running now. And yet here we sit in October of 2013 and this is the first we’ve really seen of her all year.

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Sadly, Enrique Iglesias in using Camilla Belle in this video did not solve the problem. Why is this woman who we once pegged as the next Megan Fox (for attractiveness – not acting skill) only in like 15% of this video? What little she is in it, she does well, looks good, and everything else we’ve come to expect from her. Yet we mostly just get to see Enrique looking all angsty. Dude, chicks dig you, we get it. How about crossing over a little and giving men a heavy dose of Camilla so we might like to watch too? Too much to ask for I guess.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Enrique Iglesias