You won’t be seeing Candace Cameron Bure naked anytime soon


Candace Cameron Bure image by Phil Stafford/Shutterstock

In case you were wondering, which, amazingly, I was. But alas, Candace Cameron Bure has dashed any hopes we had of seeing her naked in a new interview in which she also says she won’t be doing any sex scenes. Scrooge.

She tells YourTango

“What’s very important to me is that it’s family-friendly programming or there is some positive message, or something of value to take away from watching it. I have boundaries that my husband and I talked about and are both comfortable with… If you watch anything I do, you’ll see I don’t go beyond kissing someone. I’m not going to get naked, and I’m not going to have sex scenes.”

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She also went to say that “the best advice I’ve ever been given is being handed a Bible. That’s the blueprint for marriage that we go by, and that’s what our marriage is…” And that’s where I started to doze off.

Once one of the hottest WAGS on on the planet (she’s married to former hockey player Valeri Bure) and now it’s come to this. Happy freaking holidays.

Candace Cameron Bure On Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky Hooking Up? [YourTango]

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